Review: Blackmagic’s ‘Niggaz Ain’t Telling Me Shit’ ft. MI, Ice Prince and Jhybo


Blackmagic teams up with Ice Prince, Jhybo and MI to make this statement: ‘Niggaz Ain’t Telling Me Shit’. Nice track. Nice concept. Aside Jhybo, I believe MI, Ice Prince and Blackmagic–to an extent–deserve enough bragging rights to make such statement.

Ice has made numerous hit songs, MI is already a rap Icon and Blackmagic just keeps reinventing his brand. Jhybo on the other hand is a one hit wonder who shouldn’t have been invited to this show. His verse on the track makes a mockery of the Yoruba  rap subgenre.

Blackmagic’s verse is quite “bubble gum” as well, though I love how it forces the imagery of Schwarzenegger’s Commando on the mind with Black’s ” machine gun magic” idea. Ice Prince disappointed me. I had given up on his ability to drop coherent metaphors, not cheesy ones, until this track.

On his part, MI brings to the table a smarter way of saying “I’m the king of rap”. First, he makes a list of rappers that he respects. Of course, these guys are sort of like the reigning champions so it’s safe to not step to them. Next he identifies with Modenine and Ruggedman as the living legends. No one can disagree with that. Then, he states, “as for me, I’m waaaaaaay up I feel blessed.” With emphasis on “waaaaay up”, he kinda elevates himself above even the two legends. I like that, Mr. Short Smart Boy.



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