‘The King is Here’ But Still a Long Way From ‘Oliver Twist’


What can I say? Dbanj never relents. Since he left Don Jazzy, I think he’s had to work twice as hard as his Mo’ Hits days. Of course, we are taking about his music here: He still gets paid off the booth like crazy.

Anyways, ‘The King is Here’ is another product of his hardwork, the fourth single, I think, in last one month or so. But for the beat and Dbanjesque  chorus, the track doesn’t seem to cut it. First time I heard ‘Confidential’ I felt Dbanj was finally in his comfort zone, his playful and wacky habitat, the place from where we love to see him operate. But ‘The King is Here’, like his ‘Knocking on my Door’, just teleports our minds back to the short lived D’King’s Men era, when his music was dying really fast. 

The track is a failure, thematically. Dbanj fails to contextualize and justify his “kingship”. He’d rather force it down your throat, “I’m the king and that’s the end”.  Reminisce and Cassper, whoever the guy is, didn’t help matters, as they failed to effectively relate to the concept.

This track is below par:


Download Here


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