Review: ‘Baddest’ by DJ Neptune Ft. Olamide, BOJ AND Stonebwoy


The track was produced by Pheelz who produced most of the tracks on Olamide’s ‘Baddest Nigga Ever Liveth’ LP. DJ Neptunes’ choice of Pheelz for the production of ‘Baddest’ is therefore on point. Since Olamide claims to be a baddo and both BOJ and Stonebwoy carry the bad-boy personas as well, Neptunes raises one’s expectation for ‘Baddest’.

These stars didn’t disappoint the DJ, as Olamide surprisingly raps more in Pidgin and English than Yoruba, BOJ expertly drops his typical laidback flow and Stonebwoy’s chorus is the highpoint for me.

Also of note is Neptunes’ last line towards the end of the track. Rather than call out the names of the peeps he brought on the track and shout out his name like most DJs do on their tracks, he simply calls himself the “Baddest DJ Ever liveth”. I think that’s an interesting departure from what we’ve seen the likes of DJ Jimmy Jatt and DJ spinach do lately.

‘Baddest’ is a track ya’ll will love.



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