Review: Blackmagic and Kid Konnect ‘Peace Sign’


Here’s another release from the much-anticipated Black Friday EP. If there’s anything Blackmagic has done well in the past couple of years, it’s subtly creating hype for his projects.

The track is elongated, sort of, running for 5 minutes 13 seconds. Initially, my impression was that the idea could have been effectively captured in less than 4 minutes. But having listened to it repeatedly, I see the elongation doesn’t seem to be without good reasons.

Perhaps the idea–shared between the singer/rapper and his producer–was to have enough room to express their respective inspiration and ideas on the track.  It allows space for the piano works that effectively launch the track and the co-ordination of the drums and other effects. Likewise, the idea gave Blackmagic enough time to rap, sing, take the chorus/hook and switch his style at will. The level of creativity on ‘Peace Sign’ is therefore very impressive.

This song deserves this:




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