Review: Sean Tero ft. Scales in ‘All on Me’


This song is reminiscent of Sean’s Hit, ‘Choko’, though a bit different. While the latter glorifies Choko or Mary Jane or whatever you’d like to call it, this one is an ode to the bum bum. The chorus, particularly aided by additional vocals in the backdrop, is quite nice.

For once, I find scales impeccable. Not a single flaw as far as I can discern. When he opted out of EME, some of us felt his career was doomed, as he had also opted out of rap and there was no Wizkid around to bite inspirations from. His recent hits have proved us wrong and this feature act on ‘All on Me’, a flawless effort, further shames me.

Sean Tero comes atop my list of uderated dancehall acts. Let’s face it. Patoranking, the current poster child for dancehall in Nigeria, is on the same level as our guy, Sean. Oh dear Mother Goodluck.

This track is certified good music:


Download Here


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