Review: AQ – The King Slayer


The central idea of this track is a recurring theme amongst rappers who are deep in the rap game yet shallow on what it takes to keep raking in money from thier music. In the ‘The King Slayer’, AQ sets the record straight by stating that his rap is not for free, not even his freestyles and features. Fair enough.

AQ also claims because he goes hard like Cannibus, critics argue that his chances of making it in the industry are limited. I think it’s a forgone conclusion that doing hip-hop, the way it ought to be done is a waste of time in Nigeria, particularly  if your purpose is for money rather than love for the game. A lot of iconic rappers have attempted it and failed. I don’t want to mention names. In short, the track is a lamentation and I’m sure very few people have patience for stuff like that these days.

Beyond that, AQ’s talent, that is his rap and wordplay, cannot be questioned. Produced by Beatsbyjayy, ‘The King Slayer’ is a reflection of this opinion of mine and should thrill hip-hop heads. Fortunately, there still are a lot of heads out there–myself included–who still appreciate “real hip-hop”. The question however is: Is this minute demography sufficient to make AQ blow? I leave the answer to your pondering.

‘The King Slayer’ comes recommenced:

Download Here


2 thoughts on “Review: AQ – The King Slayer

  1. A clever review. Objective and concise, yet meaty enough to tell us: (1) that the artiste is dope, (2) the music is hardcore rap, (3) about the music’s target audience, (4) who the artiste can be compared to… Nice one!


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