Review: Mr. Raw ft. GyC – Igbakalam Isi


Dat Nigga Raw, now known simply as Mr. Raw, is back but not necessarily with a bang. One imagines that the name change at the very least would come with a slight modification of his style to suite the market’s current taste. Just how different is ‘Igbakalam Isi’ from ‘Obodo’ and ‘Kogbadun’? Not much, I think.

Look at ‘Obodo’, he has Klint Da Drunk on the hook that totally eclipses his “rap” verses. Timaya’s hook on ‘Kogbadun’ equally deafens the ear to whatever Raw has to say on the track. To think these two monster hits gave the Dat Nigga Raw brand some meaning back then. Now the brand has changed to Mr. Raw yet the music and strategy seem the same as reflected by ‘Igbakalam Isi’.

Mr Raw has on the track an unknown act, GyC who, like Timaya and Klint Da Drunk, perfectly stole the show. I think GyC has huge potential and, with his vocals on ‘Igbakalam Isi’, he might soon become known, at least. Unfortunately, he’s neither Davido nor Flavour who could automatically make a hit for whoever is lucky or rich enough to feature them.

I guess Mr. Raw may have to consider another approach to this idea of comeback of his. One honest suggestion: Get a duet with Phyno like Illbliss did and wait for the feedback. I’m def sure it’d be massively positive. The terrains have changed and guys like Phyno know their way in and about it.

‘Igbakalam Isi’ is good music. But for a household name like Raw, good isn’t enough.

Download Here


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