Gabriel Afolayan (G-Fresh) in ‘Segi’


People are more familiar with Afolayan’s face in movies than his voice on beats. ‘Kokoro Ife’, his first real attempt, was indeed a surprise as most folks never knew he had the talent of singing as well.  I personally liked the assured vocal delivery on that love song, though I didn’t get the impetus to listen to it a second time.

This new single, ‘Segi’ is however different. Afolayon aka G-Fresh attempt a blend of juju and “Afropop” that would be suitable for an owambe atmosphere. The outcome is quite commendable.

Critically speaking, I think the song lacks thematic focus. One is compelled to wonder what all he sings about has got to do with Segi. His attempt ends up giving the impression of a mere concussion of cliches that just didn’t work out fine. Minus its nice juju beat, ‘Segi’, like ‘Kokoro Ife’, offers very little to persuade you to come back to it.

Afolayon needs to do more in his subsequent releases for his music to be taken seriously.

Download Here


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