Nadia Nakai Features Victoria Kimani & MI In A Bid To Be The ‘Best’


She calls herself the African Rap Queen and the ‘Best’, apparently at what she does. That’s the way to go because self eulogy is aspect of rap to master on its own. It’s only in hip-hop that 3 rappers featuring on a track would each allude himself as the king. Jokes apart, Nakai actually puts herself on the spot by giving herself the foregoing attributes and releasing the single she titled ‘Best’.

I listened repeatedly to ‘Best’ and quite disagree with her. Yes, she flows well. Yes, she rides the beat confidently. Perhaps the swagger is there as well. But nah, she ain’t ‘Best’ like she claims. Why? Well, not one interesting line, not to talk of memorable quote. She Kinda reminds me of when Nigeria’s Sasha first started rapping, when “femcees” would assume rap was just about putting words together and saying “it’s a wrap.”

Luckily she has as guests on the track, the Chocolate City Boss, MI and Victoria Kimani, the sexy Kenyan export. The feature acts actually put ‘Best’ on its limbs, with the chorus being the outstanding material of the song. I also think the instrumental by Playground Production is quite sick (Just Imagine Eva Alordiah on that ish).

In summary, a word for Nadia Nakai: If you’re up and coming but creating crazy buzz and getting positive feedback, that’s not the time to call yourself Queen. More work is rather needed.

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