Review: Korede Bello ft. Asa sings about ‘Somebody Great’


This is becoming too obvious: Don’t Don Jazzy and his employees know just how to conceptualize tracks that align with the psyche of the majority of Nigerians? After declaring God’s victory in almost every situation in the average Nigerian’s life in ‘Godwin’, its time to sow in his mind the idea of possibility of greatness. Now, who doesn’t wish to be great? Somebody Great is thus a guaranteed commercial success even from conception.

Away from that, Korede’s singing is amazing. I’m of the school of thought that thinks ‘Godwin’ is too basic, never mind its massive market success, for us to critically question the confidence Don Jazzy reposed in his young employee. ‘Somebody Great’ offers us an opportunity give his art an objective appraisal.You will find his control of the well-composed lyrics thrilling. The sweetnesses in his voice makes it even better. And he no doubt, was on top of his game on the track. I’m not sure there’s anything to complain about as far as the song is concerned.

What this means is that Asa only comes, at the latter stages of the song, to complement Korede’s flawless delivery of the earlier verses.  Her part is vintage Asa but happens almost like a flash, you know, like the Notorious Big verse on 112’s ‘Only You’. It’s a closure you wish was the entire show. With the kid Korede, her feature didn’t appear necessary. God, that’s a huge one for the Don’s boy if you consider it for a while.

P.S: I couldn’t help but chuckle as Korede pronounced the famous silent “b” while pleading for Nigerians to “stop the bombing”. I was going to assume dude got too passionate and carried away but he goes on to utter the silent “b” a second time. And then my chuckle resurfaced. 

The Don Jazzy produced ‘Somebody Great’ is Good Music certified.

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