Music Review: Bracket ft. Olamide ‘Ego’ remix


Bracket is good at what it does no doubt and ‘Ego’ remix is an attestation to this. It’s no news that the duo of Smash and Vast sing effortlessly on any kind of highlife beat; they are some sort of masters in that area. They’ve successfully released a number of highlife-patterned hits in the past and this new release doesn’t seem to be an exception. They brought Olamide on it and, of course that turned out to be a very good decision.

Here’s one of those rare tracks in Nigeria that tell you to “do lau lau” yet give good reasons why you should. The track celebrates hard work and the need to take time out to enjoy the reward. I specifically appreciate the fact that Olamide was recruited to sing a direct translation of the message Bracket sings in Ibo. His reference to, and wordplay on Yori Yori is also notable.

Selebobo did an excellent job on the beat. I’m beginning to think he deserves a place amongst the likes of J. Martins when it comes to producing highlife tunes.

The remix of ‘Ego’ comes recommended.

Download From Dindindara


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