Music Review: Lexy Doo in ‘Skalabanduch’


Lexy Doo jumped on a Puffy Tee produced tune and titled it ‘Skalabanduch’, whatever that means. These two guys, Lexy Doo and Puffy Tee, are old timers but they seem young in mind as evident on this track. Their effort isn’t flawless but good enough to make the track a hit. Luck is also needed at that point too, you know.

Anyway, ‘Skalabanduch’ has a nice club feel and proves that Lexy Doo can key into the pattern of musical compositions that sell today. He Keeps it Simple and Short with: 1. Two verses that didn’t have to make no sense 2. A funky beat (thanks to the producer of ‘Yahooze’) 3. A carefully crafted, catchy hook and 4. A jargon, Skalabanduch that is, for his audience to give whatever meaning they can imagine.

Lexy Doo achieves his purpose which, as far as I can discern, is to make a nice danceable song. He did all imaginable, as enumerated above, to get this done. So, to that end:


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