Music Review: Maye Hunter ft. El Dee, Kelly Handsome, Sinzu, Bils, Morell and Do2dtun in ‘Naija Blood’


I’m sure the major thing you’d remember about Maye Hunter is his hit single ‘Ekaette’ which was banned by the National Broadcasting Commission in 2010. After a long time off the scene, he has decided to drop a new joint but not without the help of Eldee, Kelly Handsome, Do2dtun, Sinzu, Morell and Bils.

One thread that connects these artistes on the song is that they had been based abroad at some point, I guess, but have kept their music Nigerian. Eldee and Sinzu are lyrically astute as usual, sharing their thoughts on the Naija blood flowing in their veins.

Bils and Do2dtun are relatively unknown but fared well, each spitting in a blend of English and thier local languages. Likewise, Morell does his Hausa rap thingy and spits so well you’d wonder why he’s yet to blow in the same manner as Phyno and Olamide. Yea, he’s kinda known but hasn’t blown.

For me, the surprise performance is Kelly handsome’s verse. I’ve heard a couple of songs in which he makes failed attempts at rap.  The example that easily comes to mind was the ‘Finish You Boy’ MI Abaga dis track. Unlike the dis stuff that turned out to be garbage, this verse on ‘Naija Blood’ shows a newly found maturity and is nicely crafted in Ibo and English.

By and Large, ‘Naija Blood’ is a good song, though someone who’s got short attention span might tune out of it easily.

Download from Rehabmusic


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