Newbie: Tyce in ‘Tele Mi Lo’, a review


Although ‘Tele Mi Lo’ is Tyce’s first single, he’s been in the industry as a producer for a while now. He was behind the production of Faze’s ‘Your Daughter’ and Reminisce’s ‘Kpomo’.

For a first published effort, ‘Tele Mi Lo’ is very much above average, and for a first attempt at singing, I think Tyce deserves a knuckle. Perhaps, his success with this ohe owes to the fact that a producer’s well-rounded understanding of music would always give him an edge. Check out the arrangement of this track and you’d see what I mean.  His vocals are modest, meaning he restrains from trying any stunt that could get him in trouble, musically speaking. He keeps it 100% basic.

Though self-produced, Tyce collaborated with the highly sought after guitarist, Fiokee to add some interesting guiter work on the tune. By the way, Fiokee made an awesome guiter cover to ‘Woju’, an effort that got a lot of people taking. I think ‘Tele Mi Lo’ is a near flawless effort.

Download from Jaguda


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