Orezi Explains the Delay in the Release of his Debut Album


Mention Orezi and people would agree that at least he’s B rated, if not among Nigeria’s A list artistes. After spending six years making waves in the industry with hot hit singles like ‘Shuperu’, ‘You Garrit’, ‘Shoki’ and ‘Rihanna’, he has finally dropped his debut album titled ‘The Ghen Ghen Album’.

The artiste explains in an interview with Sunday Punch that finishing school and strategic planning of the release of his singles were responsible for the delay.

“I did so much in order to get the album out. I moved from my former label to a new one and I had to start afresh. I had to come up with about two or three fresh singles and it took about a year to get that done. Also, I had to go for my mandatory National Youth Service Corps programme. We ran some checks to make sure I, my fans and the market were ready. Judging by the market statistics, releasing the album last week was the right time”, the artiste said.

Given that almost everything Orezi touches musically turns to gold as evident in his verse on Harry Song’s ‘Reggae Blues’, his new album is one to cop and expect to be da Bomb.


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