Music Review: Phyno Ain’t Messing with his ‘Connect’


Check out Phyno’s getup, style swagger et all and you’d easily link him up with Hiphop. So, you’expect stuff like ‘Man of the Year’ and ‘Alobam’ from his stable. What’s  surprising is how he manages to sing, sometimes better than his rap, flawlessly in his local language as though he spent his whole life in the Village. His fresh single, ‘Connect’ exemplifies this surprise.

‘Connect’ was produced by T-Spize, the brains behind the production of Davido’s monster hit ‘Aye’. The artiste and producer connect pretty well on the track, as the song  is bequeathed with an unforgetable rhythmic local flavour.

Although sung mostly in Ibo, the message in ‘Connect’ can be deduced easily from the few times Phyno code-mixes his local language with English and Pidgin. For instance, you can put A and B together to decipher his reference to the Labelled-Local-Now-International Cliche.  Even if you don’t understand most of the stuff ehe’s singing about, you’d at least enjoy and appreciate the tune and  rhythm. 

For real, at some point I thought I was listening to Dbanj, you know, who doesn’t have a great voice but can sing pretty well all the same. Yea, on ‘Connect’ he sounds like Dbanj on a Don Jazzy Beat. The song scores 4 on a scale of 1-5.

Download from Naijaloaded


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