Ruggedman Talks About His New Album.


The rap legend and entrepreneur, Ruggedman has said a few things about his most recent
album, ‘Money Making Music’.

He recently said in an interview with The Nation Newspaper that the album would be a collaboration with the only artiste on his record label, Rugged Records, Mbryo.

“It’s a joint album with my artiste, Mbryo. I wanted something to help push him out there a bit more. So I did a joint album with him. So, if you check the album, you’ll see songs from him and songs from me and songs we did together”, He said.

The rapper also spoke about his efforts at supporting other artistes as a means to helping the industry grow.

“My label has just one artiste, Mbryo, but I have supported a lot of artistes. I don’t know if a lot of people know, but I was the one that actually directed D’Banj’s very first video, Kiss Me Again. There was a day he tweeted about it. That was the first time Annie Macaulay appeared on TV. She was the video vixen. I actually took him and Don Jazzy to Ikoyi to go talk to her about her being in the video. I already told her about it. We actually shot some of it in my friend’s house in Akoka. And I used my then girlfriend’s car, it was a white Toyota Corrola, a small car like this.”


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