Music Review: Nayosoul’s Soulful ‘Ayanfe Mi’


This is not the same as the Nayo that sang ‘Mr. So and So’ and ‘Over Coffee’ many years back. I initially hoped it was the same person rebranded when I saw ‘Ayanfemi’ online but Nayosoul is a totally different brand.  She’s equally soulful as reflected in ‘Ayanfemi’.

Nayosoul is new, as far as I’m concerned, but ‘Ayanfemi’ sells her immediately. You may not find anything out of the ordinary in the song but there’s something about its simplicity that blows the mind. Aside a beautifully coordinated instrumentals, she selects simple words and phrases, puts them in short verses and renders them without undue vocal flamboyance. ‘Ayanfemi’ is an illustration of the idea that music shouldn’t necessarily be complex, a rare meaningful illustration in Nigeria though.

Sadly, soul music gets the same dismissive treatment as hip-hop from music lovers around here. Everybody simply wants to dance. So I hope this reality would not frustrate Nayosoul away from making more cool stuff like ‘Ayanfemi’.

Download from BellaNaija


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