Music Review: Shina Rambo’s ‘Earthquake’ features Davido


Shina Rambo’s new release, ‘Earthquake’ features Davido, his Boss. Seriously, Davido kinda took this song “personal” as he provided his cousin’s new one with a stellar chorus, ad lib and hook. The kid just understands this thing called rhythm.

It’s interesting to see Shina Rambo attempt some singing on this one. My verdict: I have to give it to him, particularly how his lines move well with the melody. For someone whose comfort zone is rap, that’s just awesome.

His style of rhyming had however generated negative buzz online some time back and ‘Earthquake’ kinda puts it in perspective for me. Rather than call Shina Rambo’s rhymes wack, I’d say they are not too good, not too bad. Of course that’s by the standards of today’s listeners.

Earthquake was Produced by these two “geniuses”: Shizzi and Del B. So ya’ll know what to expect.

Download from Tooxclusive


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