Tuface Idibia Set to Remix Majek Fashek’s ‘Holy Spirit’


The award winning superstar, Tuface Idibia will make a remix of Majek Fashek’s ‘Holy Spirit’ in coming weeks.

This initiative was conceived as one of the ways to create buzz that would help fast-track and facilitate Fashek’s rehabilitation.

“There is a project going on to rehabilitate Majek Fashek and I am going to do a cover of one of Majek Fashek songs and I love it so much; I’m so excited and honoured. The track is entitled Holy Spirit,” said Tuface.

“Majek is one of my big influences. He re­ally influenced me because I love Bob Marley a lot and anybody that goes in that direction automatically is very close to my heart.”

 “I believe he had many friends back then and a lot of these friends I believe are reaching out to him now. I think that anybody that can contribute should do so; I think I can beg them to contribute. Majek Fashek is one of the biggest musical talents coming out of Africa; he was on the brink of taking over the world,” he said.

It would be recalled that Fashek was recently admitted to a rehab center in Abuja for treatment of his addiction to drugs and alcohol.


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