Music Review: Jaywon’s ‘Okun United’


Now signed to Next World Music, Jaywon drops a new single titled ‘Okun United’. The song is dedicated to his home town, Okun in Kogi State. Jaywon is quite talented but has gone under since he parted ways with Kennis Music. Will he bounce back to the top? Yes, I guess, but of course not without consistent release of tracks like ‘Okun United’.

‘Okun United’ is basically praise signing. Jaywon first acknowledges God for marking him turn out the way he is. He then recognizes his parents and invites them to dance. He also calls out names of prominent people that share his roots. I’d say he chose the right highlife melody for this piece of music. Cool Stuff.

Jaywon brings local flavour to Afro-pop in a manner that is unparalleled. ‘Okun United’ is a must-download for peeps from Jaywon’s town and those who enjoy good highlife music.

Download from Jaguda


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