Music Review: Toby Grey in ‘Laleyi’


Toby Grey’s successful cover to Kiss Daniel’s ‘Woju’ was one helluva first impression. The cover was almost as popular as the original song. But really, I’d  since waited to hear her do something original, something that’d blow my mind. ‘Laleyi’ turns out to what I’ve been waiting for.

On the song, she flirts with 3 different languages: English, Yoruba and French. That’s unprecedented as far as I know.  Her French lines, though not perfect, give a good surprise. I particularly love this part: “Edekede Orokoro/Itekute La Piano/la Drumphase la Beat”. Toby Grey’s quite an entertainer.

It’s equally hard to not fall in love with the funkiness of the beat and how Drumphase incorporates in it Afrobeat elements. This funky song shows that Toby Grey, with hard work, consistency and some luck, would do well in the highly competitive industry.

Download from Jaguda


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