Music Review: Qdot’s latest is ‘Alhaji’


Qdot’s latest ‘Alhaji’ isn’t a bad. That’s when you consider the comical nature to the storyline. Of course you’d also have to overlook the dirty yarns and all. I thought the lasciviousness of the lyrics was intended to make the song popular. After all, explicit content sell, if you have good packaging. Qdot couldn’t conceal this likely motive on ‘Alhaji’.

If you understand Yoruba, you’d find the song enjoyable. If not, you’d still find the beat exhilarating. 

The song however feels like an attempt to imitate Lil Kesh’s style. That’s one major flaw in the song. Lil Kesh is crude, his lyrics are unapologetically raw, his stories comical and most of all his “flows” rhythmic. Lil Kesh is unique. In ‘Alhaji’, Qdot tries to replicate this unique style but doesn’t quite succeed. 

Qdot gives shoutouts to some big shot Alhajis, all probably known to him. Praise singing is slowly becoming a fad amongst Naija musicians. Perhaps this is another means to financial gains, a side hustle. Whatever the case is, ‘Alhaji’ should appeal to those it’s targeted at.

Download from Naijaloaded


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