Music Review: Sean Tizzle in ‘Eruku Sa’ Ye Po’


I’m probably used to the signature of Dtunes on almost every Sean Tizzle audio release but this new one, ‘Eruku Sa Po’ was made in collaboration with someone else. The producer’s name is Blaq Jerzee.

Once upon a time I was listening to one of Tizzle’s hits on ‘The Journey’ and it struck me that this dude had a deliberate, winning structure for his songs. And each would be different from another only with slight modification. I looked out for this in ‘Eruku Sa Ye Po’. Here’s the structure: Start with a hook, move into the bridge and then introduce the Chorus. Then establish a long or short verse that doesn’t have to make any sense,  get back to the bridge, then the Chorus. Waste time a little ( in ‘Eruku Sa Ye Po’, he gives an incoherent shoutout to himself and the producer), do the hook again, and then the chorus till fade.

That template is one that makes Tizzle’s recordings easy for him. All he has to do is conceive an idea, break it down and slot each fragment into a hook, bridge, a verse and chorus. Maybe Sean Tizzle needs to readjust his formula a bit because ‘Eruku Sa Po’ doesn’t seem to have the zing that immediately sold ‘So Le’ and the rest. It’s never too late though.

Download from Naijaloaded


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