You Run Out of Inspiration After Attaining Success – MI


The CEO of Chocolate City, MI Abaga is one of the most successful rappers today. His success is built on having great talent, years of dedication to music, hard work and flexibility. He however thinks that it’s not an easy thing to get inspired when you are successful.

In an interview with the Nigerian Tribune over the Weekend, MI said the real life experiences that inspired the great hit songs are no more when you have attained success.

“…as I have moved higher in life, though the emotions are the same, I am no more in touch with the real life experiences that inspired my songs back in then. My quotidian life has also changed.”

“I watch TV, big screen TV in my house every day and play Play-station at night. Someone washes my car. I just enter and drive. If anything happens to the car, I call the mechanic. He repairs it. Today, I wake up in the morning and I am told, “These are the people you need to pay”. I pay them. That’s all. My life has become less of a conduit for real experiences.”

Speaking on what can make successful musicians stay relevant, the Choc City boss said such stars must redefine their purpose and focus on helping push others up for success.

“For me the new purpose is making great music and getting others to take the stand. There needed to be someone else to take MI’s place. There needed to be an Iceprince, a Jesse (Jagz) and a Victoria (Kimani). That feeling you had for MI will have to pass down to these people. Somebody else would have to use it and go and another person pick it up and so on.”


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