Music Review: Teeban, “the King of Afro-Soul”, in ‘Farawe’.


The originator and king of Afro-soul. That’s what Teeban calls himself.  Perhaps his fans call him that too.
Since I’ve not been able to come across an explanation of what exactly he means by “Afro-soul”, I’d just have to assume it’s the African idea of soul music just like Afro hip-hop and Afro-Pop are Africanized hip-hop and pop music.

I honestly see Kiss Daniel in Teeban and vice versa. If his style was what earned him the label of “the originator and king of Afrosoul”, then I’m sure his fans must have missed the semblance of his style with that of Kiss Daniel. And that’s not to consider that Daniel’s style of delivery brings to mind the likes of Soul E. So let’s say ‘Farawe’ happens to exemplify what Teeban or whoever termed “Afro-Soul”, I think the kingship should be claimed by Kiss Daniel. Anyway, there’s very little that’s “soulish” about ‘Farawe’.

That being said, ‘Farawe’ is no doubt enjoyable; both singer and producer combine pretty well. There’s an infusion of various instruments in the beat which was Produced by Micky G. I especially like how he’s able to conceal the Afrobeat elements. One thing that’s unquestionable about ‘Farawe’ is its feel good composition coupled with Teeban’s confident delivery. Other than his similarity with Kiss Daniel in terms of style, there a lot to enjoy in ‘Farawe’. Nice cut, really. But never your ideal soul song. 

Download from Naijaloaded


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