Tha Suspect Explains the Difference Between EPs and Albums


Tha Suspect needs no introduction. Just think Illbliss, Clarence Peters and Chidima and you know who I’m talking about. He recently granted The Punch newspaper an interview and shed light on the difference between an EP and an Album.

He said: “Yes it isn’t common and it is sometimes mistaken for an album. It is originally an elongation of maxi singles, about 25 or 30 minutes long and must not comprise more than six songs. But these days, all these rules have been broken as EPs now contain as much as 12 tracks, which is the same number of songs one would typically find in an album. Most people are unaware of these facts even when it is written on the jacket of a CD.”

“Not all EPs do very well in terms of sales and they are originally designed to create some buzz and awareness for an album. One can also put it out online for sale and download. Sadly, these downloads cannot be restricted or controlled, and as such, pirates can readily download and print them for sale.”


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