Konkord ft.Charass in ‘Love Me’


I saw this song somewhere and the brief summary on the brains behind it was: 1. Konkord was originally formed as a band that performed at African Weddings and religious events in USA 2. The duo of Yoruba Montana and Tumario had opened shows for the likes of P’Square and Wizkid before. 3. they are now independent and offer ‘Love Me’ as their first songle. So I got curious about the song.

Good melody. Feel good but quite discordant at some point, especially in the chorus. The additional vocals probably mar the production as they weren’t  appropriately harnessed with the primary melody. The producer attempts a number of stunts that is quite impressive but maybe not apt a few times.

Two interesting things about ‘Love Me’: 1. The song connects Yoruba, Ibo and Pidgin English pretty well and that looks like what Konkord stands for. 2. The production is full of exciting stunts that depicts a producer with promise. In short, Konkord have a terrific niche but more work to do.

Download from notjustok


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