Music Review: Shaydee says ‘I Like it’ and features Leriq


It appears Shaydee is on a roll. Just a couple of days ago he dropped the song ‘Carry Big Thing’ and immediately followed release its video as well. I did a review which you might like to read here. He’s out with another one that was produced by Aristocrats Records in-house producer Leriq. The song, ‘I Like’ is thematically similar to ‘Carry Big Load’ but conceptually different.

Mostly nice vocal dexterity. Shaydee displays a good voice control on this track. His is one that not commonplace amongst the known Naija singer today. So, that remains a plus for him.

My fear for him nevertheless is that he seems to take content creation as a joke. There’s nothing as empty as a song that comprises good sonority from the artiste, excellent beat from the producer but no meaningful content The song is weakened by poor application of cliches in both verses and the hook. Someone needs to tell Shaydee he might not be as lucky as masters of cliches like Wizkid. Fine, Wizkid uses clichés but his application is wizardry. Not fair a comparison but Shaydee needs to take notes.

Download from Jaguda


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