Music Review: ‘Yes Melo’ (Remix) by Dotman feat. Olamide.


Dotman already found another hit in ‘Yes Melo’. The video has over a hundred and ten thousand views on YouTube which is roughly four times that of ‘Fine Girl’–the track that brought him to limelight. It even gets better as he features Olamide in the remix.

The beat is fast and nice, though featuring minimal modification from the original. You love to club, right? Here’s just the kind of song you look forward to form DJs. Its one in which the beat has completed half the job for musician. Dotman’s energetic flow however can’t be ignored as he ensures his lyrics touch the beats at the right moments. Of course, Bado’s contributions are immense; he brings back the kind of lyrics we enjoyed on Jah Bless’ ‘Joh o’ and commands the beat with flows similar to that of ‘First of All’.

‘Yes Melo’ is quite street and, like we all know, any song that gets appreciated by the street makes a hit. That’s how it works today in Nigeria. Hosting Olamide on this one will definitely work for Dotman. In short, I personally find the song enjoyable.

Download from Notjustok


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