Music Review: Zoro “Swag Bag” in ‘Akpobi’


If you listen to this guy’s new single ‘Akpobi’, you’d likely assume that Phyno’s finally found a new rival. But Zoro’s been around as far back as 2013. His ‘Sha Sha’ with Wizboy was considerably successful in the eastern parts of Nigeria. The venom he spits on ‘Enyi’ is so firece I’m surprised it wasn’t a hit in 2013.

Seriously, it beats me why this very talented rapper’s still underground. ‘Akpobi’ showcases deft rhyming and some quality lines in a blend of Igbo, Pidgin and a bit of English over the “trap” beat. He switches his style from time to time, moving from slow rhyming to fast half way through each verse, then slowing it down at the end. He also shows potential of singing in ‘Akpobi’ as he introduces the last verse  with a drake-like overture. This complex structure of ‘Akpobi’ reveals a rapper who has a mastery of the genre.

Zoro needs to get out there more often as he offers the kinda hip-hop that people can relate with, the kind from which Olamide and Phyno keep making millions.

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