Music Review: Jeremiah Gyang Says ‘I Am Grateful’


Born to Luke Dung Gyang, a famous 70s and 80s musician in the North,  Jeremiah Gyang grew up with music as an integral part of his early life. This would later translate to success for him as a musician in later years. Maybe not as popular as Bruna Boy and the likes, Gyang’s name remains etched on the history of contemporary mainstream music business. That’s probably one of the reasons why he decided to put this one together in appreciation of God.

What’s to expect from ‘I Am Grateful’? You’d love the harmonic tune which is soulful to the core. You’d love Gyang’s simple but well-strung prose. Maybe it’s me but he seems to convey humility, a kinda piety in his delivery as though he’s seeing and standing before God. You’d like the soulful instrumental. You’d love to memorize this one just so you could sing along to it every morning.

I think Gyang makes near-perfect music that reflects painstaking efforts. He also does something on this song that used to be Faze’s signature during the Plantashun Boiz era.  ‘I Am Grateful’ is a must-download.

Download from Jaguda


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