Music Review: Maleek Berry features Sneakbo in ‘For My People’


Maleek Berry is one of the best young producers we have in Nigeria today; hence the high expectation for this track, ‘For My People’. And he didn’t disappoint in terms of production. The excellent production is probably the single justification of Maleek Berry’s promise to go hard for his people and homiees.

Everything on the track sounds nice, really. From the intro, first verse, bridge, chorus, to the featured rap verse and the closing lines, you’d find ‘For My People’ thrilling. But that’s just about it. The moment you start paying close attention to the content you begin to feel disappointed. For instance, Verse One is totally off point that you wonder what that’s got to do with Berry’s people. For someone who’s vision is to “create timeless music” that will “last longer than his generation”, ‘For My People’ seems below par.

Sneakbo performs well like Maleek; his rap’s articulate and quite fun. He however has nothing concrete to say, just like his host. His rap fails to correlate with the intended overall subject matter. One is tempted to assume that both Maleek and Sneakbo aimed from the scratch to merely say just about anything and let the pleasant beat do the rest. That’s really unfair on the audiences and I honestly think the release could use a song writer.

Download from Notjustok


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