4 Types of People Who Secretely Hate Olamide (Baddo)


Olamide is a very likeable dude and he’s been able to reflect this trait in his music. He works hard day and night to churn out hit songs that would entertain his fans and keep his name relevant. He makes music for the street and people love him back. The stats are there for all to see: Roughly 60k followers on Instagram, 589k followers on Twitter and God knows the hundreds of thousand of his Nigerian fans who root for him on the street as against the social media.

However, I present to you 5 types of people amongst his fans who secretly dislike him. Yes, they admire him, they dance Shakitibobo, they patiently await his latest single but for one reason or another secretly wish the guy could just lose his voice for good. Meet these people:

1. Sensible Mothers

Don’t get this wrong. Girls, ladies and even mothers love Olamide’s music. They look forward to it at functions,  clubs, you name it. What surprises me even is the fact that some, as old as 40, recite his rap lyrics word for word as though they grew up knowing (K)nowledge (R)eigns (S)upreme (O)ver (N)early (E)veryone.

But Hey
Some of these mothers listen to songs like ‘Story For The Gods’ and sometimes mutter a curse unto Olamide’s soul. Yea, the reason is just there for you to see. These mothers  have daughters they can’t imagine would suffer the fate of that hapless female persona in the song. What about male kids in their mid and late teens? What idea does the song sow in their juvenile minds? I’d leave that to your imagination.  The point is that Olamide is the type of singer/rapper that most sensible mothers secretly wish lost his current mojo.


Say Sneh one more time and see what I'ma do to your sorry ass

2. Rappers Who Can’t Sing

You’d hear dope rappers give it to Olamide these days. I recently saw one, a lyricist to the letter, on TV saying “If there’s any rapper today who’s lyrically gifted, it’s Olamide. Big ups to him.” Massive endorsement, ain’t it.


Love Baddo mehn...dude be doing cool stuff

But wait…
I bet you’d find it easier to trust such statement if it was uttered by Ice Prince Zamani? This is because the said lyricist can’t sing. His best bet for a commercial chorus/hook is to hire someone like Davido or Wizkid or one of dem magical boys. So you know where this is headed, don’t you? Okay let me not assume; let me just spill it out. THIS LYRICIST SECRETLY HATES BADDO! I’m def sure he wishes he could  ‘Control’ and Kendrick Lamar Olamide’s black ass. But he can’t. So, you see? Every rapper who can’t sing secretly nurse dislike for Baddo. 

3. Rappers Who Can’t Rap In Indigenous Languages.

Local Rappers is what they called ’em. Before the advent of Dagrin, Olamide, Reminisce, Phyno, Morell, and several others, you’d hear OD and Modenine for instance insult rappers that weren’t fluent with the English Language. These lyricists also called them local until the late Dagrin changed the game and garnered the support of the street by rapping in Yoruba. Although Dagrin’s lyrical ability was notoriously suspect at times, he made “hip-hop” assessable to thousands of people whose knowledge of the genre is limited to 2pac, Biggie and Jay-z.

But then
When Olamide entered the limelight, he was lyrical, musical and armed with vast ideas of how to penetrate the minds of music lovers irrespective of the genre they favoured. And he did this mainly by rapping in Yoruba. So you think OD or TerryDaRapMan wish him well?


I hate you nigga, yes you, you's wack, you's lame ass wack local rapper, bi**ch!

4. Sluts with a Sense of Irony

Yes different demographics of people love Olamide; that’s what it means to be a star. The juvenile delinquent, the most wanted criminal, the holy man of God,  black Aleister Crowleys, the toddlers, the senior citizens, the boy is good, the bully at school, the prudish girl upstairs, the prostitute next door and so on. My interest here are sluts. I’m certain most secretly wish they could give Olamide’s KOKO a treat, even for free.

But then, here’s a small quiz:
What fashionable word comes up the most in Olamide’s rhymes? I’m sure it may not easily occur to you that the answer is “Olosho”. Yea, that’s right. Olosho is a widely-used contemporary term for prostitute. I find it quite ironic that prostitutes love Olamide just as much as a prude. Go to haunts where they hangout for business and you’d be amazed how they shake their asses to Olamide’s lyrics that degrade their profession, that makes shit of them. So you can imagine how the very few amongst the Oloshos who have a sense of irony feel about him.


Ya Fada! Who be Olosho?


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