Music Review: Pasto Goody Goody ‘Use my Story’


Pasto Goody Goody was relatively popular back in the days. His very brief but productive guest appearance on Tony Tetula’s monster hit, ‘My Car’ was responsible for this. He seems to have repackaged himself as depicted in ‘Use My Story’, his newest effort.

I expected a more personal story but it would seem like the story Pasto Goody Goody has to tell is quite clichĂ©. How he rose to stardom, faced envy from “enemies”, almost got pulled down and got back in business. I think this idea was a cheap conception from Pasto, considering that the title is sensational. It can be likened to a City People headline.

Anyway, it’s good marketing strategy all the same, one that works wonder on Nigerians. Pasto Goody Goody attempts a persuasive tone that works.  The mid-tempo highlife melody jells with the Pasto’s intentions too. But then, I’m not sure this is kind of song would successfully push him back to limelights. He’s got more work to do.

Download from tooxclusive


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