Music Review: ‘The Message’ by Blaqbonez


I’ve been a fan since I came across Blaqbonez’ Hip-hop in Blaq mixtape a couple of years back. You can read my review of the ‘tape’ here but let me  summarize the content in just a sentence. In the ‘tape’ Blaq was extremely lyrical, though struggling between his strong passion for making pure art through hip-hop and the reality of making ends meet. I think ‘The Message’ reveals an artist who’s finally defined his purpose and paints a clear picture of what to expect from his upcoming album, Cassette Tapes and TVs.

My 5 Conclusions from ‘The Message’ are as follows: 1. Blaqbonez is twice more lyrical and mature. So expect switched up flow but ideas that are more understandable 2. Blaqbonez understands that at the heart of success in the industry is a good strategy for every move. So expect ‘chess moves’ regarding the release of his album (one of such is this track) 3. Blaqbonez has got better reception and more reach. So it’s likely that his album caters to a wider mainstream audience 4. Blaqbonez is going commercial. So don’t expect too much poetry and all deep stuff that comes with real hip-hop. That’s quite understanble for someone coming from being “labelled ‘underdog’ by the underdogs”.

To put this more clearly he concludes the second verse of ‘The Message’ with : “…I apologize to Hip-hop, I apologize if I’m not the saviour ya’all need now/I need cash for a voice, Errybody gon’ listen to brother when he’s rich now.”

Download from Jaguda


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