Music Review: Reminisce Goes Hard on ‘Poison’


My favorite songs by Reminisce are the hip-hop track because I honestly think the nigga’s got dope rhymes. I still can’t get enough of ‘Baba Hafusa’. It is straight up dope. He’s out with a new one ‘Poison’ and I’m sure heads gon’ love it.

In the first verse, Reminisce massages his ego with a number of “self-eulogies” which are customary with rappers. The way he arranged his bars reveals he understands lyricism to the core, never mind his commercial consciousness. Half of the second verse is aimed at rappers turned critics.

I think Reminisce’s lyrics are now way better than than what they used to be. We know this because he’s doing a lot of dope hip-hop tracks lately. Perhaps, this owes to the fact that he seems not to feel seem pressure of doing too much of commercial stuff. The boy is big now. Besides, he’s found his niche in the Yoruba rap thing and no matter how hard he goes on the mic, people still appreciate him. What matters most is that they understand what he’s saying.

One of my fav lines:  “Lyrics Alaga Ko Se Recycle/Mo ni congregation to Study Ise Yen Bi Bible”. Looks simple but the message in it is quite complex. That’s the way to go brov!

Download from Naijaloaded


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