Music Review: Viktoh ft. Lil Kesh in ‘Skibi Dat’


Just when I was wondering if Viktoh was ever going to do anything meaninful to advance his career, he released this one titled ‘Skibi Dat’. To be honest, I think Adekunle Gold and Viktoh aren’t getting enough push for their stuff. Gold has however justified why he needs to be out more with his first two releases ‘Sade’ and ‘Orente’ penetrating the market by auto drive. My guess is Viktoh’s ‘Skibi’ could do just as fine, thereby forcing the YBNL boss to provide more push.

Talk of sweet nonsense per excellence. From Viktoh’ hooks to verses and chorus, you’d search for sense in vain. But then from the title, ‘Skibi Dat’ and with the reputation of YBNL boys one shouldn’t be surprised. One good thing about the song is that irrespective of Viktoh’s plenty jargons, the song remains feel-good music. I think the beat and Viktoh’s ability to flow with it contribute to that.

Yes, the beat is another good thing you get from ‘Skibi DaT’.  Cooked by B-Banks, the beat assumes a different form from the regular YBNL tungba tungba tunes. This one is at peace with the  body, soul but maybe not the mind. I think like Lil Kesh, Viktoh’s style is absurd yet kinda delightful to the ear. I’m a bit disappointed that Kesh didn’t do enough on the track though.

Download from Tooxclusive


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