Music Review: Sinzu Reminds Us, ‘Money in My Pocket’


I prefer “Sauce Kid” to “Sinzu” and this is not just about the name alone. In his African American LP, he tries to discourage his fans and critics from wondering what the heck Sinzu means, particularly on the track ‘Sinzu is Sinzu’. That was the period when he decided to change his stage name to Sinzu. The only big thing about the LP was ‘Carolina’, a thing that I thought was responsible for a stagnation in his career. Several of his recent releases justify my conclusion and ‘Money in My Pocket’ is the freshest testament.

If you thought ‘Carolina’ was the shit, you’re not gonna like this song. If you’re a hiphop head, you’d gon’ be forced to wonder why Sauce had to put the song out. If you’re a Stan of his, you’d likely be disappointed. I’m a combination of all three and my conclusion is that ‘Money in My Pocket’ is a poor reflection of Sauce Kid. The concept is recycled and the lines and rhymes are generally uncharacteristic of our dear Sauce. I’m dead sure a lotta others will find his lines weak, and most of the time lame. I personally think the Dirty South patterned ‘Money in My Pocket’ is not for the present Nigerian market. The truth is that not all Nigerians don’t give two about Hip-hop. However, the hiphop we enjoy is our subgenre, Afro Hip-hop and not an Southern American one. ‘Money in My Pocket’ came at the wrong time. Definitely not now that the “Local Rappers” are in town.



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