Music Review: Kelly Handsome Sings ‘Akunakatasi’


It’s safe to say Kelly Handsome is multi-talented musically. He’s a good producer, sings well and often tries his hand on the mic as a rapper. ‘Maga Don Pay’ and ‘Like Play Like Play’ remain his biggest hit till day and ‘Akunakatasi’ shows just why he was loved back then.

Perhaps ‘Akunakatasi’ could to reinvent him. The song is excellent music that simply jells with your body even during a first listen. The message that unconditional love has long term benefits is quite positive for a generation that lives for the short term. The self-produced instrumental is a remarkable African melody. His delivery over it is equally on point.  Since the song is a soundtrack to a soon to be released movie, I think it will do a good job at arousing the interest of Nollywood lovers. 

Conclusion: I prefer Kelly Handsome the singer to Kelly Handsome the rapper. I don’t think I’ve ever heard him sing less than average. However, every verse of rap he has done is mediocre by every standard. Nigga should please operate more from his turf.



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