Music Review: Vector in ‘Emi’


Vector is out with this major single ‘Emi’. Only last week he dropped ‘Medicinal’.This new one perfectly reflects the title ‘Emi’ as Vector does everything on the track, aside the instrumental, by himself. He wrote,  arranged and rendered the rap, the chorus and hook.

He raps as though he’s singing in the first verse. His style features an attempt to move along with the complex rhythm, having to change his flow twice. I think he excels in the that regard. The second verse is the regular monotonous rap pattern.

‘Emi’ was produced by Mekoyo, the prolific Abuja-based producer whose works with Styl Plus remain timeless. Although I wasn’t expecting anything less than an above average production, the instrumental actually blew my mind.  It makes ‘Emi’ feel like something recorded live on stage. The producer was permitted to work the piano for some seconds.

‘Emi’ is very original. I’m sure people will love this piece.



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