Music Review: ‘It Ain’t All bad’, Says Eldee.


Eldee’s been away from the scene for quite a long while with most of his fans wondering if he had lost it or something. Well, he felt he owed his fans explanations and decided to share his thoughts in ‘It Ain’t all Bad’.

I think this is a one-sided conduit for reaching out his fans. Let me explain what I mean. ‘It Ain’t all Bad’ is a hip-hop track done completely in English. His verses are laced over the beat of Scarface’s ‘All Bad’, one of the best tracks on his Deeply Rooted LP. Although he keeps the message easy for people to decipher, many of his fans which he garnered through stuff like ‘Big Bio’ would mostly likely not enjoy this piece of music. I thought he could have used Afro Hip-hop. But hey, it’s free music, ain’t it?

For me, I pretty much enjoyed the song , especially because of the fact that he takes responsibility for his early mistakes in the industry rather than shift blames like most musicians do. It’s always the critics and the enemies and never them.  That, coupled with the well-structured narrative of ‘It Ain’t That Bad’, further reveals Eldee as one of the most underappreciated veterans in the game.



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