Music Review: Naeto C Announces His Comeback, Sings ‘Atide’


Super Naeto C is back again with this effort he aptly titled ‘Atide’. The fast-paced beat was produced by Maleek Berry.

Two things I find very remarkable about this song. ‘Atide’ has a perfect introduction. Since much of the song is in Yoruba language, Naeto C opens the track with greetings which is culturally important to the Yoruba people. I also think, even if the rapper didn’t write the chorus and hooks, his rendition is spot on. It’s reminiscent of Dbanj’s stellar rendition of Igbo lyrics in ‘Igwe’.

The final hook in ‘Atide’ is a brief appreciation of God. Just the perfect closure to a very nice track. I also appreciate the song’s brevity: His two rap verses, the intro, the chorus and the outro are precisely packed in 3 minutes, four seconds.

‘Atide’ is straight up party track and Super C’s format remains the same: Keep the Rhymes Basic (KRB). This template has always worked for Super C, as he stays true to his commercial intent. 



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