Music Review: Oritse Femi and Obodo ‘Give Thanks’ to God


The Musical Taliban Number 1 is back but this time around full of appreciations to God. ‘Give Thanks’ was produced by Obodo, the same person behind ‘Double Wahala’, showing a remarkable sync between the artiste and producer.

I love two things about this song. First, it is well-arranged, with every little detail contributing to the overall intent of the singer. I believe that, aside his very unique voice and style, his ability to put his songs together in a delightful way is the reason why he’s successful today.

Secondly, long before Oritse Femi came to prominence, his music was never pop. He pretty much had preference for    conscious issues and acknowledgement of God. In other words, if Oritse Femi wasn’t singing about social issues, he was either praising or giving thanks to God.  People easily forget that ‘Mercy’ was a big hit before ‘Double Wahala’. And ya’ll know ‘Mercy’ was a prayer to God. The story is still the same today.

What else to enjoy from the song? The voice. The voice. The voice. That voice is one you wish will never stop singing. Oritse Femi’s next album is now highly anticipated.



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