Music Review: Tripple MG’s Selebobo in ‘Wumewu’


Wow! It beats me why Selebobo is not put in the same league as some of the top names out there. What makes the Made Men Music Group producer  special is his Midas touch when it comes to music productions. More importantly, he’s a prolific singer, song writer, sound engineer and dancer. ‘Wumewu’ is a product if his versatility.

You’re going to like this self-produced highlife track. He delivers his vocals perfectly but some other factors provide the right props. You’d hear additional vocals on the track where necessary. If you like Duncan Mighty’s Ahamefuna, you’d understand what I meant by Selebobo’s right application of additional vocals in ‘Wumewu’. Also providing props to his vocals are guitars and horns. In short, the instrumental is the type that becomes boring halfway through the track.

I predict this guy becoming a veteran producer in the nearest future. That of course depends on his ability remain consistent.



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