Music Review: Vinee ‘Abuja Girls’


Vinee is one of the highly rated rapper based in Abuja. This track, ‘Abuja Girls’ is quite unconventional as it offers a narrative on Abuja ladies and their numerous materialistic exploits. The culture of story telling in rap has been effaced by the culture of dance in rap, or at best just saying nice things. Vinee provides a glimmer of hope being one of the rare guys out there who still believe in story telling.

‘Abuja Girls’ sounds like a blast from the past. Blast from two different epochs of the past actually. First is the late 80s/ early 90s as reflected in the funky beat and the chorus.  The beat sounds like “now” but reminds you of the kind of music your uncles would bump to on the stereo back in the days. The chorus particularly reminds me of Mike Okri’s kinda of composition and rendition. It’s a shame the person who took the chorus wasn’t given any acknowledgement. I’m compelled to assume that Vinee did that all by himself and if that’s the case, he deserves some kudos.

Secondly, this song reminds me of the Trybes Record era, when Eldee and several other cats would select social issues and treat them humourouly in their rap. Back then, rap was more important to those guys than money. But then, time flies and change is constant. Today, only few exceptions like Vinee have the balls to make such songs as ‘Abuja Girls’.



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