P’Square is All About the Fans- Paul Okoye


As the duo of Peter and Paul Okoye keeps making the headlines with the reality TV Show, GLO Dance with Peter,     Paul Okoye said during one of the episodes that the focus of P’Square has turned to the fans.

Paul said, “God made it possible. There’s also this thing about P-Square; we take our career serious. It started as fun, but it became business, and later, it became about the fans. Yes, we’re super stars, but you’re not a super star without super fans”.

We don’t have any competition; we only compete with ourselves. If you’re competing with P-Square, you’re wasting your time.”

On the reality TV show and how far they had come with it, Paul said, “I’m proud of this dude (Peter). When he brought up this idea of Dance With Peter, I doubted initially, but he stuck to his guns, and look at where we are now”.

P’Square is adjudged as one of the most successful music group ever in Africa with 6 studio albums and countless awards under their belt.


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