Music Review: Five Star All Stars (Harrysong, Kcee and Skiibi) in ‘Ebaeno’


It appears that Harrysong’s ‘Reggae Blues’ would be having little competition for the biggest collaboration of the year. Even as the song keeps getting massive airplay all over the country, his record label seem poised to capitalise on the buzz it has generated thus far. As a consequence, Harrysong is made to team up with label mates Kcee and Skiibi on ‘Ebaeno’.

‘Ebaeno’ is a fast local flavoured song produced by Mystro. The song has comical lyrics, particularly Harrysong’s chorus. I won’t be surprised if a video is shot and Hollywood and Standup comedians are employed to do silly things on it. ‘Ebaeno’ has nice feel good taste but is too short and lacks flair. The idea seems forced and the artiste perform as though they had a gun nuzzle stuck to their necks while in the studio. There’s not much to this song aside the beat and chorus, both of which easily stick to the mind. For an “All Star” effort, this one lacks that zing one expects.


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