Music Review: Ikechukwu features May D in ‘Amina’


It’s been a long time off the scene for Ikechukwu. During his prime, he made a terrific impression despite not quite getting the commensurate reward for it. Perhaps this was due to his tendency to be Bohemian, a basis for my surprise at his commercial intent for his “come back” single, ‘Amina’.

‘Amina’ was designed for mass appeal with Ikechukwu making the right decisions. For instance, he got a “mass appeal” type of dude as guest on the track, that is May D. Then he got a groovy beat cooked by Philkeyz who seems to be affiliated with May D. Then he did not bother to do rap. The idea, I guess, was to stay totally away from rap in the song. Problem however is that Ikechukwu is terrible at singing.

His attempt at singing on ‘Amina’ isn’t terrible but scores less than 50% in my estimation. It’s likely you find May D and his host all over the place like a bad audition. Getting past halfway through the song can be challenging with the song lacking proper arrangement that would be at peace with the body, mind and soul. The instrumental is good consolation but one would hope it was gifted to artistes other these two guys. They made a mess of it.


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