Music Review: Sound Sultan features Olamide in ‘Monsura’


Sound Sultan’s a genius when it comes to great conceptions. He’s even better at  teaming up with gifted artistes to transform the great conceptions to a great songs such as ‘Monsura’ which features Olamide Baddo.

Like many of his songs, ‘Monsura’ is an embodiment of metaphors. Sound Sultan has a way with saying mundane things differently. Monsura is symbolic of ladies who don’t want “no scrub” regardless of if the scrub has a promising future or not. ‘Monsura’, the song, generically represents a dying breed–the type of party or dancable tracks that still manage to address social issues.

I love the fact that the “greats” he recruited for this great song live up to expectations. Olamide’s hook and rap verse, both concisely couched, are stuff to look forward to. He’s able to stay on course with the theme yet ensure his lyrics are typically humorous and fun. What about the legendary TY Mix’s change of beats and tunes to suite each segment of the song? Check out the sweet melody that encourages Sultan on the bridge for a few seconds. Check out the keys that give melodic support to Olamide’s hook and the GanGan drums that work with his “local rap” lyrics. Legendary stuff.


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